The CHasing Grace Project

Independent film


Story changes culture

Veterans of the tech industry, Cloer and Schillinger created The Chasing Grace Project to recruit and retain women in tech and to give these women a platform to be seen and heard for their experiences. The narrative about diversity in tech has never been louder, but constructive conversations that can lead to solutions are difficult to find. The team believes the film medium can bring to life the real stories of everyday women and have an impact news and features stories about the issues just can’t. They also understand that video and film have far greater reach both online and in the physical world, and so they sought to create this docuseries of 4-6 episodes.

reTHINKit Media launched the series with a trailer in the fall of 2017 and has since raised hundreds of thousands of dollars from companies like Comcast NBCUniversal, Intel, Red Hat and more to support production and distribution. Through research and interviews, scripting and shooting, the company surfaces the most important, relatable stories and through post-production, promotion and screenings, they bring these stories to life for everyone to see.

The Project, in production now, is being screened all over the world, and reTHINKit Media is working with companies to apply the Chasing Grace treatment to produce women in tech profiles exclusively for their use. For more information about this work, please visit