Brands are elevated through story.

Stories are universal and resonate with us from the time we’re small children. Maybe your CEO’s rag to riches tale inspires his or her employees and compels customers to be a part of the legacy. Maybe the percentage of the profits your company gives back to its community unites people around your vision and your brand. Or maybe your product alone inspires with its story of innovation and originality.

But stories are told every day. So before they’re told, they must be surfaced and architected in a way that is original and connects. reTHINKit Media works with you to surface your unique narrative and through our creative, proven process, we assemble all the elements that make your story unforgettable. The result? Action. Customers are making purchases; donors are supporting your organization; investors are doubling down on your idea; or a community is amplifying your message.

This is called story making.

A lot of firms can tell your story through quickly written news releases or blogs but our careful and direct partnership with clients means we understand your brand, help to uncover your story and advance the narrative through the most effective content formats and channels to achieve results. We combine story making and storytelling to allow your narrative to rise above the others.

reTHINKit Media believes in the power of story to connect and inspire action. With longstanding relationships in the technology and business communities and deep know-how about how to put today’s tools to work to build and distribute stories, we get results. reTHINKit Media has an intimate understanding of diverse constituencies - from developers to investors, reporters, donors and more – and the messages and stories that resonate with them. We know how to translate complex ideas into widely understood truths and adopted technologies.


The Results



Influencers care about you and what you’re doing, because your story is built and told in a way that shows you matter.


You are helping to shape the conversations that matter to you through your own narrative.


Action, Affinity and Customer Loyalty

Your story inspires action - through purchases of your products/services, donations to your organization or cause or through sharing and supporting your message.



Strategic, experienced partners that know how to build and tell compelling stories. To the right people, in the right formats and in the right channels at the right time.



A narrative that defines your voice, advances your business objectives and positions you as a leading character in the industry-wide conversation on the topics that matter to you.

Our Team


Our work with you is a collaborative engagement that is thoughtful, fun and fast-moving, resulting in a narrative that advances the industry-wide understanding of your mission, business or technology.


Jennifer Cloer

Jennifer is co-founder and CEO of reTHINKit Media and a tech PR veteran and developer relations expert. She was on the founding team of The Linux Foundation where she focused on garnering developer attention for open source projects and new technologies, increasing developer contributions to and adoption of such technologies. She started the communications function at the Foundation as an individual contributor and grew it to a 30+ person team of PR, social media and content production professionals. Prior to The Linux Foundation, Jennifer worked at agencies focused on VC-funded startups and developer communities. Clients included Cisco, Creative Commons, Google, Mulesoft (acquired by Salesforce), Sleepycat (acquired by Oracle,) and VMware, among others.

Jennifer has been recognized for her storytelling acumen by BusinessInsider, who ranked her among the best PR people in tech, and by, which identified her as one of the most influential women in open source. As co-founder of reTHINKit Media, she has worked with Apache Kafka, Cloud Foundry Foundation, Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Evernym, Comcast NBCUniversal, eBay, Holberton School, IBM, Intel, Linux Foundation, Sovrin Foundation, Storj Labs and more.

She is also the executive producer, writer and director of The Chasing Grace Project.


Gary Schillinger

Gary is the Chief Creative Officer at reTHINKit Media and is an accomplished editor and director of photography. He has shot and edited documentary films, music videos, commercials, corporate videos, sports events, news and segments for national news magazines. He is a Humane Society ACE grant award winner for editing the highly-acclaimed feature documentary, "The Eyes of Thailand," which premiered at the Newport Beach Film Festival in 2012 and has gone on to receive numerous awards. Gary has also worked with a variety of brands on video production work, including Apple, Google, Pixar, The Linux Foundation, The Food Network, IGN, CNN, Cisco, Audi, Mitsubishi, Robert Mondavi, McAfee and Inside Edition. He is a professional musician and composer, writing music for national commercials and online campaigns.