A World Without Linux

Creative PR / Content Campaign


Integrated campaigns deliver results

The Linux Foundation sought a way to demonstrate the pervasiveness of the Linux operating system and to thank the hundreds of thousands of people who both contributed their time and money to supporting it.

reTHINKit Media conceived a campaign called A World Without Linux that included a six-part animated video series as the anchor. The series follows two relatable characters and their cat as they encounter a world without Linux. From the mundane - using Google to look up who sings a favorite song - to the innovative - operating the space station hundreds of miles above the earth, the series both entertains and informs audiences about the ubiquity of Linux.

The campaign integrated web and social media components that included hidden clues in each episode and other incentives to watch and share the content. The production process included scripting, storyboarding, engaging a Disney animator for the illustration, sound editing and distribution. For more information about The Linux Foundation, please visit linuxfoundation.org